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Cargo Surveyors Print

The association Cargo Surveyors in the "Verband Deutscher Schiffahrt-Sachverständiger e.V." was founded to consolidate only the most highly-qualified cargo surveyors.

Especially, the experts involved in the association Cargo Surveyors actively work on all types of cargo damages. All kinds of goods are professionally surveyed and checked thoroughly, the resulting damages are assessed, calculated and certified for a myriad of transport underwriters, claim agents, loss adjusters, shipping companies, P&I clubs and/or forwarders.

Due to the surveyor’s specialized knowledge and long-standing experience all kinds of damages to cargo can be settled, such as cargo on various means of conveyance, i.e. ocean vessels, barges, containers, trucks, as well as airfreight. If necessary, the responsible authorities and/or suitable institutions and chemical laboratories are requested for assistance. Due to a professional settlement and documentation the possibilities of a recovery will be given.

Therefore, the professional responsibilities and primary tasks of a VDSS-Surveyor include:

  • the survey and inspection of all kinds of transport- and cargo-damages
  • the calculation and assessment of cargo-damages
  • the checking and supervision of necessary reconditioning treatments
  • the best possible salvage sale of damaged goods
  • the supervision of loading and discharging actions incl. documentation
  • the surveillance of packaging, transportation and the condition of means of transport
  • the issuing of statements of condition
  • all kinds of loss-prevention consultation

…and of course everything else related to the transportation of goods.