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General Average Adjuster Print

A General Average Adjuster is a Sworn Expert for General Average acts.

There is a General Average act when an extraordinary sacrifice or expenditure is intentionally and reasonably made or incurred for the common safety for the purpose of preserving from peril the property involved in a common maritime adventure, or when repairs necessary for the safe prosecution of the voyage are carried out in a port of call. Details are contained in the York-Antwerp Rules which are agreed under the Bill of Lading.

Typical examples for General Average are salvage, deviation to a port of refuge and jettison of cargo.

Whether or not a General Average situation exists is considered by an independent sworn expert, a General Average Adjuster, who will also deal with the practical handling of the General Average.

The Adjuster will, if an act qualifies as General Average, allow delivery of the cargo, etc. only after signature of a General Average Bond and a Guarantee by the concerned in cargo etc.

All parties to the adventure (ship, cargo, container, bunker) must contribute to General Average costs inproportion to the values saved. The Adjuster will calculate and collect the amounts due from all parties concerned in salved property.